Company Profile

Over the past years, Li-Ye insists on producing high speed presses with reliable quality. Therefore, we are highly trusted by our customers among all sorts of press manufactures. Li-Ye constantly absorb latest information from different industries, collect various requirements from our customers, persist in continuously developing new models and improving existing products in the field, in order to provide additional values to our customers.

Our high speed presses are widely adapted in manufacturing computer connectors, mobile phones, electronic and automobile devices. Due to massive requirements from all over the worlds, and in response to the movement of worldwide manufactures, our branch office has been expanded to India, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe, and new development countries. Other than areas mentioned above, Li-Ye has offices and provides fully supports in China and being able to enable our customers to adjust proactively in fast pacing market.

From receiving orders to delivering products, Li-Ye adapts mature materials control and assembly processes and quality control system so that we can always ensure the quality of our products and deliver them to our customers in time. "Insist in good quality and sustainable operation" has always being our core value. With this attitude in mind, Li-Ye constantly improve the precision and reliability of products in order to satisfy our customers from different industries. With high quality products and customers supports as our founding stone, Li-Ye has the mission of expanding our services to worldwide customers and bring press industry in Taiwan to the next level!

Principle of LIYE:
Provide best quality products
Ensure effective services
Create customer demands

Our Services

1.High tensile cast iron stress relieved for maximum rigidity and long time accuracy.
2.Opposite side load dynamic counter balance device can wipe out the noise and vibration to keep balance for press in high speed running operation.
3.Motor for die height adjustment device and figure display die height indicator.
4.It is designed for the operators convenience with computer control system, brake and error correction display on screen.