Everything you need to know about metal stamping

Everything you need to know about metal stamping

Metal stamping is the process that helps to manufacture metal components with different shapes. This is a permanent metal reshaping process, which takes place with the help of sheer brute force. You can also see heavy machinery used in the stamping process. If you are willing to start your own metal stamping business, you will come across the need to buy such a press machine as well.

What exactly is metal stamping?

According to the technical definition of metal stamping, you can call it a cold forming process, which would use extreme speed and force in order to change the shape of metal permanently. You can do this with the help of a high speed press machine. However, it is also possible for you to use a forming machine in order to reshape metal wires as well as other similar components.

How does a stamping press machine work?

When you are learning more about metal stamping, you should also understand the functionality of a press machine or a forming machine. The basic operational principle behind such a machine is simple and easy to understand.

In here, you will be taking a large die and tool and putting that into the machine. The press machine is capable of exerting a high force of several tons within a short period of time. This process will eventually help you to press metal objects into your preferred shape and size.

You can discover different processes in the press machines, which can help you with achieving different outcomes. Let’s quickly explore what they are all about.

  • Flattening metal

Flattening metal is basic functionality that you can expect to receive out of a press machine. Here, you can use the high speed press machine in order to flatten a metal object. You will be able to use this process to smooth out an object. Or else, you can use it to make an object thinner at a specific place, so that you can use it for a purpose.

  • Piercing metal

Instead of flattening metal, you will also be able to use the press machine to puncture through metal all the way. This will create an opening, which you can use to connect different workpieces.

  • Swaging rounded metal

Swagging rounded metal forming is pretty much similar to the flattening process. The main objective here is to make your metal piece thin. However, you will be using this process mainly on wires, instead of using on metal sheets. The swaging process can make one end of a metal narrow so that you can get it to fit through an opening effectively.

  • Metal cloning

Instead of punching a small hole within a piece of metal, you will be able to use the high speed press in order to press the sheet into a particular shape. You have the freedom to decide the nature of the shape. For example, if you want to press metal in the shape of a coin, you can easily proceed to get the job done.

Final words

Now you have a good understanding of the metal stamping process and how you can use a stamping press machine to end up with different results. All the metal stamping press machines are designed to work on colder pieces of metal. Since they are not malleable, you will be able to apply a high force with the help of a press machine and get the desired job done. This is the main reason why all press machines come along with highly powerful motors.

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